Metropolitan Market

– Seattle, Washington –

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The Problem

The client was experiencing the failure of a cooling tower that supports all of the refrigerated spaces within the facility — truly the backbone of the entire store.

Unlike most “break-fix” jobs where something can be swiftly replaced, the client had challenging issues associated with the project, including access to failed equipment, potential store shutdown(s), the risk of product loss and noise ordinances that limited replacement work hours.

Refrigerant piping
New refrigerant unit installation

Our Solution

The primary obstacles were ensuring uninterrupted operations and product preservation; the client wanted zero downtime, no lost sales and no lost product. In essence, this project was like a heart transplant. We had to remove something critical while ensuring that all other systems continued running during the process.

To facilitate this, we mobilized a temporary cooling tower, pump skid and valve station, all mounted on a trailer (the “life-support machine”). We relocated the store’s 40-foot dumpster and placed the trailer at the exterior point closest to the tower that needed replacing. With two weeks of piping, we routed the lines over the loading docks and down to the temporary unit and scheduled a tie-over. During the tie-over, we shifted some valves and directed all cooling to the temporary unit.

Beyond some minor balancing adjustments, the store experienced zero impact . The temporary unit allowed us to fully decommission the old unit, install the new one and execute a similar transfer after the new unit had been placed.

Lost store revenue

The Results

Prior to initiating the replacement project, multiple tower failures caused system outages and significant product loss.

With the carefully planned execution of the project and the installation of the new cooler in general, the store avoided additional downtime and product waste. The new tower’s efficiency will also reduce comparable energy consumption by at least 30%, reduce water consumption by at least 15% and provide intuitive monitoring of the tower’s health, thus mitigating the downtime risk.

The new tower has also improved accessibility to all critical components, (nozzles, decking, eliminators, bleeds and sump pan), which essentially removed any obstacles to scheduled maintenance.

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Reduced energy consumption
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Reduced water consumption

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