Pete’s Supermarket

– Seattle –

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The Problem

After installing open multideck refrigerated cases, Pete’s Supermarket was significantly colder than usual. This discouraged shoppers from browsing, and the customer’s energy bills increased sharply while attempts to raise the temperature in the store failed.

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Our Solution

TAG proposed adding doors to all of the open multideck cases as a way to warm the store and reduce energy costs. We applied for energy rebates with the utility company and handled all of the paperwork and documentation needed. The customer was eligible for a rebate that paid for 70% of the cost of the doors.

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Refrigerator Doors Cost Rebate

The Results

The door program included additional lighting that increased the illumination of the products on display and boosted their visual appeal. The doors also keep the cold air in the cases. The warmer temperature in the store is much more comfortable for shoppers and encourages them to take their time when browsing.

The improvements not only solved the primary problem but also drastically reduced energy costs and boosted sales. The supermarket’s energy usage has been reduced by 30%, and sales have increased 5 – 15%, which varies by department. The shoppers are happy, and the supermarket operator is pleased with the lower energy bills and the growth in sales.

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Reduced energy consumption
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Sales Increase (per Department)

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