IoT Technology Driving Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC Industry Growth

Cool-er Talk

The commercial refrigeration sector is undergoing a shift in the way that technology is being integrated into products in development and new products entering the market. As new commercial refrigeration and HVAC technologies become highly sophisticated, technicians become more valuable for their experience and specific training in managing those systems. Today’s complex HVACR systems and their components require technically skilled technicians who can adapt to the changing landscape.

At the forefront of this shift is Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT technology is being integrated into commercial refrigeration units to provide more robust monitoring capabilities and place greater control into the hands of operators. For example, new HVACR systems use technologies like sensors and timers to automate temperature control for our homes and buildings. In doing so, IoT technology has enabled increased efficiency gains in commercial refrigeration units, resulting in cost reductions for the end-user.

Furthermore, installation and maintenance of these technologies requires the work of software specialists and tech-savvy technicians. With IoT technology, cloud-based monitoring and controls, and smart home and building technologies revolutionizing HVACR systems, the HVACR industry is attracting the country’s best and brightest technology students.

The industry is evolving and so is The Arcticom Group. Data, artificial intelligence and tech advancements are just a few ways HVACR continues to change. Our company is on the forefront of these developments and investing in tools and training that will help our technicians better perform their jobs while learning the latest our industry has to offer.

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