Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend is usually when we all feel like Summer has officially arrived. This year, most of us have weathered the storm of a tumultuous prior year, and many are itching to get out of town, wherever that may be.


On this holiday, remember to honor those who served and made it possible for us to have a weekend getaway. And while some fell to protect freedom and liberty, we want to make sure that we get to the other side of this holiday weekend safely.


If you are traveling this weekend, remember your Smith System 5 keys. Put space around you, and stay away from aggressive drivers. If you go to the lake, or the river, or the mountains, or wherever, make sure you are properly prepared for whatever that destination may be. Don’t text and drive, don’t drink and drive, and be aware of your environment and surroundings so that you keep you and your loved ones safe.


June is National Safety Month. How we at The Arcticom Group are celebrating this festive (the life of a safety guy…) occasion is by acknowledging the hazards of hand tools and construction sites.


Construction sites are notorious for trip hazards and overhead hazards. This is why we wear hard hats on construction sites, to protect from the potential falling object. Often times, crews working at different heights unwittingly create the hazard for those below, and scaffolding can also be a source of a falling object. If you are struck in the hard hat by a falling object, THAT IS A NEAR MISS! I want to know about it. Be sure to replace a hard hat that has experienced even one impact from a falling object, and all hard hats should be replaced every three years.  If you flip over your hat, you will see an embossed dial that has a number in the middle with a ring of numbers around it. The arrow points to the month of manufacture, and the number in the middle is the year. If it is 3 years old, replace it. Throw the old one away. Used safety PPE is not a hand me down item.


hard hat expiry date example


Be mindful of where you store materials and tools when you are working at height and on scaffolding. While in many cases barriers are erected to prevent the potential of harm from falling objects, this is not a guarantee. Proper handling, storage and use is the best solution to avoid a potential injury from a falling object. When using powered equipment, be mindful of extension cords and whether they create a trip hazard in high traffic locations.


Often times, we have to change out accessories to battery powered hand tools. When you have a dull blade or disc that needs to be replaced, be sure to remove the battery before changing out the accessory. This eliminates the potential of the tool becoming energized unexpectedly while changing a blade.


Inspect your tools before using them. Powered tools and cords that have exposed inner wires (not just down to metal, but the inner wiring sheaths) are out of service. Cords and tools equipped with ground plugs must have a working ground plug or it is out of service. Replace cords with new cords in these instances. Electrical tape may NEVER be used to repair a cord or a hand tool.



Let’s all enjoy our weekend, and see our busy summer kicked off with a bang!