By acquiring Market Equipment LLC, The Arcticom Group broadens coverage throughout the Mountain West with continued eastward momentum

The Arcticom Group (TAG), the fastest-growing family of mechanical services and HVACR companies in the U.S. and Canada, has acquired Market Equipment LLC, a commercial refrigeration and HVAC provider with an established service footprint covering the Mountain West. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 1964, Market Equipment contributes decades of additional industry expertise to The Arcticom Group (TAG) and widens customer coverage across Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. This newest member of the TAG family of operating companies specializes in delivering custom, full-service commercial refrigeration solutions to grocery, convenience, and big box stores—with clientele that range from smaller, independent grocers to household, international brands.

“The addition of the Market Equipment team to the TAG family of companies will help ensure best practices in our common mission of excellence to both independent and national brands,” said Jim Pape, CEO of the Arcticom Group. “With reliability and consistency, as defining hallmarks of the TAG brand, we welcome Market Equipment’s employees and customers into our distinguished group of operating companies, and look forward to pursuing continuous excellence within the markets they have served so well for nearly 60 years.”

According to Hans Esterhuizen, on behalf of Market Equipment, “Joining the TAG team gives us several opportunities to continue improving employee and customer outcomes. We’re excited to show customers new services, broader geographic reach, improved buying power, and greater consistency in our service. Employees are eager to get ‘best in the industry’ training, safety, and administrative support.”

Through its family of companies, TAG provides a vast range of commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC services; including preventative maintenance, repair, installation, renovation, new system engineering and design, energy optimization, and refrigerant management programs.