Training Day: The Arcticom Group Rolls Out Employee Training Program

Cool-er Talk

Recently launched at The Arcticom Group- an extensive and ambitious training program aimed at providing technicians with an opportunity to grow their professional and management skills.

The program is being spearheaded by Jason Fay, who recently joined TAG as part of its acquisition of KIC Refrigeration.  Fay used to teach HVACR classes at a community college in Southern California and played a key role in leading training programs when he worked at Source Refrigeration.  He is excited to have an opportunity to help TAG employees learn.

“Everybody wants to get better at what they do and elevate their game. With all the changes coming in the industry, it’s important for our clients to know that our technicians will remain best of class. said Fay. “Also, with the ability to always increase their knowledge, technicians will be able to continue our culture of excellence and service.

The program includes several components.  One aspect will focus on skill level advancement for TAG’s teams, many of whom had become eager for training but as employees at smaller companies, haven’t had consistent access to these opportunities. Secondly, through partnerships with qualified HVAC schools, TAG will add a concentration in refrigeration, producing entry level technicians from interested applicants. Lastly, the training will have a focus on “softer” skills such as management approaches, team building, conflict resolution and client relations. An immersive training center that will offer hands on learning is part of the future planning.

Training programs have already started so expect to hear more very soon.  Do you have an idea of what you would like included in TAG training?  Email Jason Fay ( with your suggestion!